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  • DC48 4 in 8 out DSP Digital Processor
DC48 4 in 8 out DSP Digital Processor

DC48 4 in 8 out DSP Digital Processor

DC48 4in/8out DSP Digital Processor

● 32-bit DSP  SHARC process, 96kHz sampling rate, 24-bit AD/DA convert.
● Input processing includes High-cut, Low-cut, 8 PEQ, Noise gate, Gain, Mute, Phase,  Delay, Link and so on.
● Output processing includes crossover, 9 PEQ, Gain, Mute, Compressor/ Limiter, Phase, Delay, Link and so on.
● Every input and output can do matrix assign flexibly, and all the input and output channel name can be changed.
● All channel PEQ gain, bandwidth, frequency adjustment. we can choose style: PEAK, H-SHELF, L-SHELF, Low cut, High cut, Allpass 1, Allpass 2.
● All the input and output with independent phase curve adjust function, PEQ style choose ALLPASS 1 is 180° curve adjust, ALLPASS 2 is 360° curve adjust.
● The style of all High-cut ,Low-cut filter and Distributor unit: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel; slope is from -6dB/Oct to -48dB/Oct.
● All output channel soft compressor/limter threshold, ratio, attached time and release time, adjustable.
● All delay module's delay time can reach over 680ms.
● Pre settings can copy for every single channel, every channel can do link adjust.
● Every input and output channel PEQ curve adjusting pictute can be found when you are in any input and output.
● Inside single generater (pink, white noise and 20-20K sine wave, amplitude adjustable).
● Front panel has level indicator for input/output, USB pot, RS232, 485 control at rear panel. Easy for user’s operations.
● 30 user preset, device parameter and single preset file can save and recall separately. Maximal 250  units can be link together via ID settings. Password protection function for high level applications.

System specificationFrequency response20Hz-20kHz,-0.3dB
Dynamic range>115dBu
T.H.D<0.005% at 1kHz(0dBu)
C.M.R.R.>75dBu 1KHz
Input sectionTypeXLR connect Balanced
Maximum input level  +18dBu
Impedance1MΩ/stereo; 500KΩ/Mono
Output sectionTypeXLR connect Balanced
Maximum output level+18dBu
Digital processing24 bit sigma-delta A/D、D/A convert
32 bit DSP,96kHz sampling rate
DisplayDot matrix screen display current parameters and all settings
Power supplyAC 95V-250V  50/60Hz

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